"VA Approved" Helicopter Flight Schools in Austin, TX

VA approved helicopter flight schools near Austin, TX are either FAA approved "Part 141" or "Part 61" schools. To become a “VA-Approved” flight training school, the helicopter flight school must be first an approved FAA school (“Part 141" flight school under "Part 141") of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Veterans near Austin, TX can attend these helicopter flight schools through through their Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, Montgomery Bill, or several various GI Bill chapter benefits.  Call us to find out more about using your GI Bill to fund helicopter flight school in Austin, TX. 866-731-9541.  Or, review the search results below.


Please Note: Choosing the best helicopter flight school is extremely important.  Not all schools are the same.  For the career-minded student pilot the school you choose will impact you for your entire career.  For the novice aspiring pilot, the main questions is... "how do I know which helicopter flight school is best for me?" Our recommendation is that you get all the facts, research, and only move forward once you know for certain that the school you choose will advance your career pursuits.

When it comes to pilot training, the issues regarding Veterans' Benefits under either the Post 9/11 or Montgomery G.I. Bill can be complicated and confusing. First of all, your Chapter 30 G.I. Bill benefits do not cover any expenses at any flight training school for your Private Pilot’s license (the initial step toward a helicopter pilot career). However, Chapter 33 VA Benefits do cover the cost of your Private Pilot's license training in Austin, TX. These variances in the VA benefits often come as  surprise to veterans of Austin, TX who have been led to believe that GI Bill educational benefits cover all the costs of flight training . . .  this is not true!

For help decifering your VA Educational Benefits (including VRAP, REAP, and VOC Rehab) call and talk with one of our specialists.  We can help you find the information and knowledge that will best prepare you for enrollment.  We can also help you locate the perfect VA approved Helicopter Flight School near Austin, TX.

Helicopter Schools that are VA Approved near Austin, TX

If flying helicopter is your dream, you are at the right place. Learn to fly today. Let us help you find a school that is safe, thorough, and professional - preparing you for an aviation career flying helicopters in Austin, TX. The best helicopter flight schools in Austin, TX are FAA certified as a Part 141 flight schools.

The Best Helicopter Flight Schools in Austin, TX Instruct All Ratings

  • Private Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • Instrument Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • Commercial Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • CFI Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • CFII Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • ATP Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • Add-Ons Rotorcraft/Helicopter: Private, Instrument, Commercial, ATP (Part 141, Part 61)


Helicopter Training Facts: In helicopter pilot training, there are a series of high stress scenarios that students must work through. The ability to make good decisions under pressure, commitment to the safety of others, dedication, and emotional strength are all requirements of the job.

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