How Can I Learn to Fly Helicopters in Parachute, CO

The most frequently asked question from prospective helicopter pilots of Parachute, CO is… "How can I learn to fly helicopters?" The second most frequent question is… "is it hard to learn to fly? Some helicopter pilots of Parachute, CO describe learning to fly a helicopter is like riding a unicycle on a beach ball.  Sounds difficult?  It can be... our recommendation is to call our experts at Helicopter Schools Directory and find out all there is to know in becoming a helicopter pilot.


Others say it is easy as learning to ride a bike or drive a car. There are so many different descriptions, depending upon who you ask. Our recommendation to prospective pilots is to ask as many experienced pilots in Parachute, CO as you can.  For help in finding the perfect helicopter flight school call us.  Our admissions experts will coach you through the process. Call 866-731-9541.


Initially, the new helicopter pilot of Parachute, CO must learn to hover, which in the beginning is much like balancing on a very large beach ball while riding the unicycle. But, once a student pilot learns to master the controls of the helicopter, it becomes instinctive. If it doesn't, you won't progress to earn a certificate as a private pilot. The goal of flight training is to learn to control the helicopter without thinking.


Airplanes are easier to learn to fly than a helicopter. A helicopter is less stable and will not fly if the pilot is not in complete control. However, most experienced pilots will tell you that once you get the feel of flying, it is like riding a bicycle — you do it without thinking.


Helicopters can be flown anywhere. Pilots near Parachute, CO can fly just about anywhere. However, your experience, certifications, and ratings (along with insurance) will determine where you can fly or not fly.

As you venture down the path to you will need to get an FAA medical certificate from a FAA Medical Examiner near Parachute, CO. It is a good idea to get medical clearance before you spend a lot time seeking flight training. If you don't pass the medical you can't attend school.


How Do I Get Started Flying Helicopters in Parachute, CO

Pilots in Parachute, CO consider the difference between learning to fly airplanes compared with helicopters. First, there is a vast difference between Airplanes and Helicopters. First, helicopters are very expensive, they are relatively slow, and more difficult to pilot. Helicopters can't carry very a big load (people and cargo). Helicopters don't carry a lot of fuel and do not cover great distances. Compared to flying airplanes, helicopter pilots sacrifice a tremendous amount of utility in exchange for the following:

  • The ability to land anywhere
  • The ability to fly very low and/or slow (though doing both at the same time is not recommended, as explained below)

More importantly, dual licensed pilots (airplane and helicopter) in Parachute, CO state that helicopters are lot more fun and challenging. Helicopters also offer a better career path than airplanes. The truth is that world is drowning in airplane pilots and desperately short of helicopter pilots.  If you are considering one or the other, check out helicopters flying in Parachute, CO as a better career path.


What are the dangers of flying helicopters? Well, they are safer than airplanes. For example, if you encounter bad weather or have a mechanical problem, you can land a helicopter safely almost anywhere. Most helicopter accidents happen due to poor pilot judgment: flying too low and hitting wires (or other obstacles) or continuing to fly in bad weather or limited visibility (like fog). These accidents are completely avoidable by getting the best flight training possible.

Sikorsky Helicopters - Light Piston: Since its inception, the product has been continuously improved with new technology and design innovation. Now, more than 50 years and more than 3,700 helicopters later, the S-300CTM and S-300CBiTM helicopters are regarded as among the world's finest piston-powered helicopters.

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