Helicopter Pilot Careers in Batesville, MS

There are awesome career and employment opportunities for trained and qualified helicopter pilots in Batesville, MS. As a commercial helicopter pilot there are local job opportunities in Batesville, MS: law enforcement, TV news, traffic reporting, emergency medical transport, aerial photo and sightseeing tours, agricultural spraying, offshore oil transport, heavy-lift construction, forest fire fighting, fish-spotting, pilot flight training (CFI and CFII), and VIP-corporate transportation.  For more information about helicopter pilot careers in Batesville, MS see the search results below, or call 866-731-9541.

State and Federal governmental operations in Batesville, MS employ qualified helicopter pilots for support in the areas of conservation, forestry, survey, research, search and rescue,law enforcement, and many other vital roles. U.S. government departments near Batesville, MS also employ  Customs, the Border Patrol, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), the FBI, and others hire (and sometimes train) professional helicopter pilots to fly in Batesville, MS.

Our job is to help you find the best helicopter flight school that will prepare you for a career flying helicopters.  Please review the search results below or call our educational consultants and find out what schools near Batesville, MS is best for you

According to salary.com, 50% of helicopter pilots earn at-least $81,950 per year, or more.  The average pay for helicopter pilots is between $69,920 and $106,107 per year.  Salary Wizard has a more specific search feature which you can use to determine how much helicopter pilots make in a specific zip code.


Helicopter Pilot Jobs and Schools and Salaries

Anyone wishing to enter a trade !in region~ that depends upon skilled workers must first go through years and years of schooling and training in order to compete for the best jobs and positions. Becoming a professional helicopter pilot in Batesville, MS is no different. Commercial helicopter pilots must invest time, money, effort, and study to earn the required ratings to be employed as a pilot. That means you need lots and lots of flying hours in order to prepare yourself to compete in the aviation job market.  You need as much training as possible in order to be attractive to potential employers near Batesville, MS.  The amount of money you will earn depends upon your skill level.

To fly helicopters for a living in Batesville, MS you need flying hours.  Acquiring flying hours can be expensive.  However, in the helicopter industry you need to meet certain requirements in order to get the entry-level jobs.  The best aviation schools near Batesville, MS hire their students to be instructors (CFI and CFII).  As an instructor you will get paid, and you will get more flying experience.

If you’re considering a career in helicopter aviation you should know what salary professional pilot's make near Batesville, MS.  There are several sources you can use to find this information.  Websites like salarywizard.com has national averages and statistics on pilot compensation. Another way to find out how much pilots make is to contact individual operators, or look at more focused sites like helicoptersalaries.com.

For more information about helicopter pilot jobs, aviation careers, or helicopter flight training near Batesville, MS call us. 866-731-9541. Please review the search results below.

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