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Helicopter Schools Directory one of the leading directory websites representing the top helicopter flight training school in the US. We promote only the best helicopter pilot training flight schools near Plymouth, IN. Finding the perfect school is a daunting task. But you are not alone, and we will help you find the perfect helicopter flight school near Plymouth, IN that fits your specific needs.  Call 866-731-9541

We recommend that all prospective pilots  do extensive research and enroll only in the schools that will lead you to the best paying jobs.  Do your homework! The cost for helicopter flight schools is expensive, and you don't want to waste thousands of dollars only to find that you are in the wrong school.  Call us, we can help.

We present the top quality pilot flight training schools that will help you earn from certificates or licenses for "private pilot" or "professional pilot programs". The difference between the two is immense. Our recommendation is that you look for schools that are accredited through a college (to receive federal funding through student loans and grants), approved by the FAA (Part 141 and 61), and approved for Post 9/11 GI Bill or the Montgomery GI Bill Educational & Rehab Benefits.

How Do I Become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot in Plymouth, IN? How Much Does it Cost?

It will cost you up to $70,000 or more to attain your commercial helicopter license through an approved helicopter flight school near Plymouth, IN. With advanced professional helicopter flight training in Plymouth, IN it will cost even more.  But Don't Despair.  There are funding and financing options that are favorable to Veterans and college students in Plymouth, IN.  With some helicopter flight schools you can complete your private pilot rating in as little as 35 hours.

After you've earned a private helicopter license (the first major hurdle to becoming a commercially employable pilot) you can use your skills to fly professionally (taking photo and flying tours). Your next career development step is to earn an instructors rating (CFI and CFII).

All the schools will promise you a job, but in reality there are no helicopter flight schools in Plymouth, IN that can guarantee you a job flying helicopters.  Only the best schools near Plymouth, IN with the most comprehensive training can prepare you for the job market. Many schools will claim that they are the "only school" that offers it's students a job after completing their program.  The fact is that this is standard procedure of the best schools in Plymouth, IN  Why?  Because you need "flight hours" (experience) and the schools need instructors.

If you need help finding the perfect school, or need help finding the financing, call us, we can help, 866-731-9541.

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